General Administration

The roles and responsibilities of staff in the General Section of the Kozhikode Corporation are as follows:

  • Handling of service register of as many as 573 regular employees
  • Medical reimbursement, issuance of uniform etc. to regular employees
  • Preparation of salary bill of the entire staff, including contingent, by computer
  • Preparation of administration report, census report, registration of cultural organizations
  • Tapal (computerised) & reception through enquiry counter and also dispatch
  • Proper maintenance of records, purchasing of stationery etc.
  • Issue of extracts of the official documents to the public on request
  • Keeping birth & death records prior to 1976 and issue certificates for the period
  • Appointment of standing counsel
  • EPABX operation
  • Fair copying documents using computer and typewriter
  • Registration of marriages as per Hindu Marriage Act and issuance of
  • certificate (computerised)

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